True love making is a great escape. An escape from the confines of the ordinary world.

It helps us expand to new dimensions while having this outer body experience.

The couple finds this experience internally once they decide to unite. Jessica is longing for something in shot 1. You can see the lighting is one half icy and cold and the other side is warmer. She's torn in the middle.

Shot 2 she turns to look (open up for connection).

Shot 3 once they embrace the sky fills with more stars, their passion and connection grows and grows until they are completely surrounded by it in outer space.

Their union is like the universe they are surrounded by, scary, mysterious, beautiful and still expanding.

The couple brings what's inside of them to the outside world and they are now immersed in it, and it's scary, but the bed they lie in supports them. They are strong, beautiful and flying high. Rewards are flowing.

If I Fall I'll Fly is about the strength we gain from this type of opening up and connection with ourselves and someone else. As well as the beautiful, pleasurable rewards it can bring.

If I Fall, I'll Fly is also a statement of optimism, as in no matter what happens I'll be okay.

The same type of strength that comes from falling down and getting up again is the same type of courage it takes to fall in love and they both offer incredible rewards.

If I Fall, I'll Fly